Nothing crazier than having to write something about myself. Same reason I never completed my application for Harvard. Back in the day a 1000 word essay about oneself was required and who’d believe me puffing up myself as this crazy-great person.  Of course I was painfully shy and self conscious, lacking in self esteem, and afraid of the real me coming out of the closet. Till this day my life carries the consequences of bad choices made because of those fears.

Now, before anyone groans in sympathy, I faked it really well, and some of the faking was  very real. I did like sports, was reasonably athletic, had a mild attraction to girls, and was a not so quiet leader among my peers who became my friends. But I didn’t want the spotlight because being discovered carried grave consequences and that has followed me into very late stages of adult life.

While my life has been a journey filled with great tragedy, particularly during the turbulence of the 80’s and the AIDS crisis, my experiences have taught me of the immense power of love. I’m convinced love is the source of creation, and all human endeavors in the realm of the spiritual express this truth in terms of people’s cultural experience.

I’ve also been endowed with a modicum of writing talent. Regretfully because of the fears alluded to I’ve not used this talent to advanced the issues of social justice for all peoples, particularly, minorities, gays, women and the poor about which I’m most passionate .

We live under a world economic system that was created by relatively small groups of white men for their benefit. Although significant advances in inclusion have been made, structurally the system remains the same as it’s been for the last two centuries and this is at the heart of much of the social, cultural and economic dysfunction that exists today.

I can’t change it, but I can speak out about it, and about the capacity of love with which we have all been created that will drive the passion of anyone that seeks to change it. No one person or group has the answer. Sustainable answers lie only in the collective experience of all of us. My blog in its own little way is an attempt to lend my ripple to the pond of ideas with the hope of creating with others the great waves of meaningful progressive change that will help make life better for us all.


One thought on “About

  1. Hello Newton 🙂

    This is Anand from India 🙂

    Nice to see you are a peace loving person who wants to work for equality and justice. 🙂

    Anand 🙂

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