It’s Love, Stupid: A meditation on Faith

Then he addressed the human race: ‘Here it is! Fear-of-the-Lord – that’s Wisdom, and Insight means shunning evil.’  Job 28. The Message.

“Who is God but his people? I’ve never known him, but unfortunately I know them.”

This is a line from a character in a novel that more often than I care to admit I find myself agreeing with. We live in a world full of suffering, much of it the result of the actions of people of faith.

All institutions of faith have unclean hands where this is concerned.

The question of faith here focuses on belief in God, and for me culturally it is the Christian vision. I’ve found the discordance between expressions of faith, and faithful living so great that I have had to deconstruct everything I was taught and reach an understanding that works for me. This has been a painful but valuable process that I now believe, like Job, would not have occurred without the pain.

I’ve experienced several dark nights of the soul. On each occasion I have grown in understanding my relationship with my creator. Knowledge is infinite and understanding is finite, and while I cannot be absolute about what I know, I can place my faith absolutely in it. I may not know absolutely that everyone will stay in their lane of traffic but I place my faith in that belief when I drive.

My faith is based on what I know and need to guide me through the unknown and uncontrollable. It is in a creative force beyond my comprehension, and the core of my belief is that unconditional love, as manifested in Christ’s spirit is its raw material.


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