I have not blogged in awhile.

I want to write because it is my passion, yet I do not write. I want to volunteer to be of service to the community, yet I do not volunteer.  I want to travel because it is my joy, yet I do not travel. I am too busy with the important, mundane, necessities of life that put bread on the table, and keep the roof over my head.

I suspect that there are others with a similar experience.

There is a reference in the Bible, to one Martha who complained to Jesus about her sister, Mary’s, idleness, when Mary chose to sit in the parlor listening to Jesus chat, while she busied herself in the kitchen with the preparation for the dinner party the sisters were giving. Jesus’ response to Martha’s complaint was that Mary had chosen the wiser course to party with him.

We exist today in a high-anxiety world enslaved by ‘To Do’ lists and bondage to the tentacles of I-Phones and I-Pads of our narcissistic culture.

We may have differences of opinion about where we come from, and what it is that drives us, but it is reasonably safe to say that we all have an emotional space inside us that governs our joy and is the center of all our feelings. A large number of us consider this our soul.

The entire creation is groaning. The world appears chaotic and dangerous everywhere we turn. We have manipulated our advanced understanding of Nature to satiate our selfish greed and have precipitously unbalanced its symbiotic relationship that has always sustained life on our planet.

We are an integral part of Nature; not above it, nor in charge of it, and our survival depends on being good stewards of it.

This is the real story of the creation narrative of the Garden of Eden. Unless we first understand this relationship, that we are all inextricably bound by love to the creative force that invested itself in all things, including us, as part of one whole, we will not be able to wisely use the knowledge we gain (the forbidden fruit). For, in the end, until we understand everything all knowledge is partial. And without love as our motivation, we will default into using this partial understanding selfishly and mess the entire thing up.

Our destiny lies in being able to step outside ourselves and see in the welfare of the other person, our self. The ‘other’ is our ‘canary in the mine’.  Hence, the importance of the least among us. But, in the absence of love we will fail to understand this.

As our world becomes smaller, the imperative to extend this understanding beyond the confines of our traditional identities becomes greater.

But, our joy remains our best hope.

The joy of our soul that comes from engaging our passion is in an inexplicable, but verifiable way, linked to the betterment of us all. When we detach ourselves from our anxiety and make time to live in the space where we contribute the joy of our talent, then we are enriched, and the world is also enriched, even if not immediately evident.

So, I will live my passion; love, justice, peace, and write.