I ran 2 miles this morning. This was the first step of my resolution to exercise regularly, and be healthier at the end of this year than at the beginning. I make resolutions. I know this has become passé in many quarters as the vast majority is broken within hours.

But I keep making the same ones over and over. And, not only on the first day of the year, but monthly, weekly, daily, and sometimes even hourly. They are central to my life because they center around who I am and what I want to become.

I resolve to love more, and grow my capacity to love closer to the source of creation, in whose image of love I was created. I am an eternal spirit living in a mortal body and I seek to use my experiences in this life to enhance my spiritual existence.

I have discovered that my experiences have the greatest value when they further my capacity to love.

I resolve to engage that spirit by being continually grateful in all circumstances and for all things, even the bad, because there I have grown my strength to love.

I resolve to offer my gifts and talents to the world as part of my passion rather than for any reward.

I resolve to love my way through all the fears I know or may come to know.

Life is hard, but we make it so. We live on a planet with enough resources for everyone. And, we all have within us the potential to cure all the ills facing our world.  It is love.

I have been working at my resolutions for some time and I have not always flourished as I envisioned, but my spirit has improved. Although on the outside, the skin has begun to sag, and the body to ache, on the inside; that part of me that stopped aging at 28, and is often surprised when confronted by the stranger in the morning mirror; now asks when disaster comes, “Why not me?”

My resolutions keep me on track in the direction that enhances my spirit. So what if I break them 364 days out of the year. My spirit is eternal and love is as wonderful when lived on the 365th day.