Bahamas 006

The best Christmas of my life occurred when as a 10 year old boy I received a bicycle from two of my beloved cousins. It was such an unattainable dream, that to the chagrin of the adults with cameras at the ready to capture my reaction, I passed in front of the tree three times before realizing it was there.

Over the fifty years since, that Christmas has come to symbolize to me the gift of divine love itself.  I have been compelled by the example of the life of Jesus Christ to accept the conviction that love is the source of all creation, and the universal commitment to a life of love in all things is the answer to the meaning of life.

I am convinced that we are eternal spirits living a temporal existence. The spirit of unconditional love exists in all human souls, and the potential to grow it from the seed of ‘me’ to the flower of ‘we’ is the challenge and reward of all life.

Human history shows that humanity has understood from the beginning that we are the product of a creative source of love. Virtually all religious traditions have translated that into the ‘me’. The transcendent difficulty has been to grow it to ‘we’. The recurring problem appears to be that  they bog down over the differences of how each came to understand the ‘me’, and allow those differences to retard the growth to ‘we’, resulting in the pathway overshadowing the destination.

Christmas is my symbol of ‘we’.  It is a narrative of a divine gift of love, brought to fruition through selfless acts of love of diverse people in the midst of a subplot of suffering. Nonetheless, committed to the life of love under all circumstances, the narrative grows till it flowers as ‘we’, and overcomes our temporal existence, showing us the path to reconnecting with our eternal spiritual source of creation.

The potential for this growth exists throughout all human experience.

My cousins gave me that bicycle for their joy of seeing my happiness. And the gift I received was the blessing of knowing how much I was loved, that has nurtured me throughout my life.

God bless us, everyone.