It is my hope that ‘Newtonology’ will become a space that contributes to finding a common language for us to communicate with each other.

Although Newtonology, a play on my name and that of my lesser known namesake, Sir Isaac, is being undertaken for personal enjoyment, the underlying spirit will be one of peace, that searches for ways for us to share our dreams and burdens across the definitions that separate us, and affirm the dignity of our shared humanity.

It is my opinion that one of the great needs of modern society is to develop a common language to communicate with each other.

I have had the privilege of traveling the world, and one of the recurring themes evident throughout is the amount of energy that has been wasted in human history, building walls, fences, and a variety of other barriers to protect us from each other. The arc of history shows that while these might have sufficed a short term need, they rarely worked long term. For a variety of reasons, including a lack of understanding of the other, those barriers were inevitably breached through conflict at a great social cost to everyone.

Today, our walls are defined, not only by nationality, culture, generation, gender, but by everything in our daily lives, from political party to niche television programming. We travel in  separate worlds, listening only to voices that sound like ours, inevitably developing a real and emotional language that only those similarly jaundiced understand. We no longer speak a common language and when we try communicating it devolves into a contest of wills as we try to impose our ‘values’ on each other.

In the past there were oceans and deserts to cross and escape from each other, but those alternatives no longer exist.

We must finally stand and deal with each other; figure a way to live together as a human family or needlessly destroy everything in a narcissistic need to have the world reflected in our own image.

I am under no illusion that ‘Newtonology’ will foster anything that contributes to the great cause of peace. However, I am certain that this must be its spirit. In the final analysis, it is not for us to know the end result, just as it is not for us to count the cost of love; because then it’s not love, it is a transaction. It is simply for us to act and let the gods do their thing.


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